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The new Lite series KD-Lite

July 25, 2022

Latest company news about The new Lite series KD-Lite

latest company news about The new Lite series KD-Lite  0


KD-Lite kadena supercomputing server is the latest product of Lite series, KD-Lite is equipped with KD-Lite's newly upgraded high-performance computing chip, which increases the computing rate to 16.2TH/s while reducing the loss of enterprise computing rate function. The KD Lite has also upgraded the overall design of heat dissipation to improve the internal structure of heat dissipation and increase the application cycle time. The noise level has been reduced to 55≤db, which facilitates the use of device computing in any scene and provides users with the possibility of exploring a new future.



Brand Goldshell KD Lite
Algorithm Kadena
Hashrate 16.2Th/s
Power Consumption 1330W
Coins KDA
Noise 75dB
Weight 12.2kg
Outer Box Size 131 × 157 × 399 mm



KD lite mining machine and switching power supply integrated design solution, KD lite mining machine is configured with a top value output power up to 1330W switching power supply, the power plug configured by the power supply is also a 16A large jack power plug, and the past home use type mining machine 10A jack power plug is not the same and not universal. Therefore, it also means that this model specification machine is not suitable for coin mining at home, if the home use must be updated to modify the route to reach the KDlite power distribution load.



The machine has a total of four fans, two air inlets and two vents. The fan model specification is SnowfanYY1203, DC12V, which is also a fan more commonly used in the mining plant model. Four fans can achieve the normal operation of the heat exhaust, equipment operation noise is normal using the newly developed noise reduction function and a new optimized fan heat structure. RPM 1680 / 1680 / 1740 / 1740, hardware error 1.37%, rejection rate 4.88%, the power supply solution used is Powerful mode, the temperature reaches 89.0/75.5°C. Overall, the kd lite is the most cost-effective model for mining KDA coins at present, and deserves to be the king of the machine.

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