The later stage of mining machine

March 1, 2022

Latest company news about The later stage of mining machine

Today we will talk about the work in the later stage of mining and discuss this topic from three aspects.


Miner Maintain

First of all, the mining machine will not be easily damaged nowadays, especially for the latest generation asic miners such as Antminer S19 pro, and it’s no need to be maintained too often. You can simply make efforts to the indoor environment then to ensure normal heat dissipation like timely dust removal and stable power supply. After all, it’s basically enough for the daily management. 


Noise reduction of miner

The second aspect is the noise reduction. This problem has troubled many of miners. In fact, the solution is very simple. There are three ways to solve the problem. The first one is to use a noise reduction box to lower the noise level. This method is simple and easy to operate but please pay attention to the fire hazard caused by the overheating of the control panel of your machines, and get enough space to place the box. The second method is physical cooling through water and oil. In this method, the heat generated during the operation of the mining device will be taken away by the flow of water and oil.However, the disadvantage is that the production cost is high and it’s difficult to build. The third method is to move your mining site to another place where it won’t affect people. Normally, professional miners will choose the rural areas where have enough electricity supply and not many people live, yet this way may require a certain amount of investment at the beginning. So it’s probably suitable to who wants to run a big mining farm.


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Monitoring your mining device remotely

Finally, there is the issue of mining machine management. After the mining machine is in normal operation, you do not need to watch it all the time. The mining pool will automatically settle the settlement, and there is no geographical restriction. You can use the remote management of your mining machine to check the income. Here we recommend a website ( that allows you to quickly view different types of mines.


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