The Antminer KA3 miner is a new evolution, a leap forward in computing performance

October 14, 2022

Latest company news about The Antminer KA3 miner is a new evolution, a leap forward in computing performance



Bitmain introduces the Antminer KA3 a quantum leap in computing performance.


Antminer KA3 is a new product from Bitmain, equipped with high computing power and low energy consumption. Operational precision has been achieved to create the perfect KDA mining experience.


Antminer KA3 delivers an extraordinary hashrate performance of 166T, a new evolution in computing performance that offers a 10x improvement over current market output. Introducing a new industry standard of 19J/T, it ushers in a new era of energy efficiency and optimised performance with a 100J/T improvement.


Antminer KA3 is at the forefront of Kadena cryptocurrency mining, utilising the Blake2S algorithm to deliver a smooth mining experience.


The Antminer KA3 features the latest design from Bitmain's flagship product line, the Series 19 Wizard offers the most advanced air-cooled cooling technology, allowing miners to run with the most advanced protection.Antminer KA3, one of the leading KDA miners. A quantum leap in computing performance.



Product Name Antminer KA3 166T Miner
Brypto Algorithm Blake2S
Hashrate 166th/s ±10%
Power Consumption 3154W
Size(w/o package) 430*195.5*290mm
Power efficiency 19.0J/T
Net Weight 16.1kg
Cryptocurrency KDA
Operation Temperature 0~40°C
Storage Temperature -20~70°C


latest company news about The Antminer KA3 miner is a new evolution, a leap forward in computing performance  0



KDA Models Comparation

Models Hash Rate Power Consuptiom Power Efficiency
Antminer KA3 166T 3154W 19.0J/Th
Goldshell KD MAX 40.2T 3350W 83.3J/Th
Goldshell KD6 29.2T 2560W 87.7J/Th
Goldshell KD6 SE 25.3T 2300W 90.9J/Th
Goldshell KD LITE 16.2T 1330W 82.1J/Th
Goldshell KD BOX PRO 2.6T 230W 88.5J/Th



Antminer KA3 was released on Sept 13 by top asic manufacturer Bitmain which became a breaking news for the following days other than ETH merge. Bitmain has tried five crypto hashes those are SHA256 for BTC, ETHASH/ETCHASH for ETH/ETC, Scrypt for LTC, Equihash for ZEC and X11 for DASH. This is the fist time for this big boss to make a Black2S mining device. But like i said, a top asic manufacture as he is, will not hesitate making a major breakthrough for this business. So a breath-taken product name Bitmain Antminer KA3 with amazing hashrate 166Th/s and power consumption of 3154W.

Hashrate of Bitmain KA3 KDA mining machine

As we know the most power powerful stock KDA miner model for now is Goldshell KD MAX with hashrate of 40.2Th/s. Bitmain KA3 comes with a hashrate of 166Th/s witch is 4 times of KD-MAX making it undisputed King of Kadena mining.

Efficiency of the Antminer KA3 Kadena Miner

Goldshell KD MAX 40.2Th/s is with a power consumption of 3350W. So the power efficiency of it is like about 83.3 J/TH. Bitmain Antminer KA3 166Th/s comes with power consumption of 3154W. So the power power efficiency is 19 J/TH for this model. Can you imaging that. Bitmain brings us a model that is four times more powerful than the best one in the market now but with less power consumption. The power efficiency is less than a quarter of the best stock model in the market.


SO in a word, this model Bitmain Antminer KA3 166Th/s is a revolutionary product. It is worth expecting. And it will become stocks soon.

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