How to choose the right Miner Michine for you

March 15, 2022

Latest company news about How to choose the right Miner Michine for you

Now the currency price fluctuates greatly, and many friends do not know how to choose, so in this issue we will talk about how to buy a machine that suits you.


Find your position

The price of any machine is determined by its value. If you buy a faulty machine that needs to be repaired, its payback period will also be extended. Before each machine enters the market, its price has been determined. Many friends do not. Knowing how to choose the right miner machine for you, the machines you buy are often cost-effective but not of good quality. Good-quality machines are not cost-effective, so you must find your own positioning.


Know your stage

For a mining farm that has just started, if the capital cost is limited, you can choose a machine with a small computational power number to pay back the cost as soon as possible, such as L3+/ S9/ M21S/ M20S/ S17Pro/ T2TZ, and then replace the machine with a high computational power number. On the one hand, the residual value of the machine is guaranteed, and it can flow into the market again. On the other hand, buying high computational power machines, such as the latest Antminer L7 or Antminer S19xp, can enhance your ability to take risks. The longer the shutdown time, the lower the risk. , and machines with high computational power numbers have higher residual values.


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Seize the time to enter

Now the currency price fluctuates erratically, and many people are waiting for a low point to enter, but if the waiting time is used to mine coins, the benefits have already been obtained, and waiting will only make the risk higher and higher. Although you can buy cheap miner machines, the difficulty will continue to rise. No one can predict how much the currency price can rise. There is no need to worry about the price difference. It is only a few days' income. Benefit, you can also understand the benefits of each model through this platform(


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