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Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd established in 2008, based in China's technology capital, Shenzhen city. We has over 14 years manufacturing and exporting experience in consumer electronic field, and entered into blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2017. Now we have become one of most reputable and reliable miner supplier in the industry.


We have integrated sales, logistic, repair and maintain, miner hosting and mining consultation services. We have over 40 staff in Chinese office including experienced engineers and specialists, sales representative, marketer, logistic specialist, procurement staff and warehouse-man. We are planning to build a mining farm in the US in 2022, which will provide hosting, sales, repair and maintain services. All our client can enjoy our professional customer service with regrading to free quotation, purchase advise, user guides, repair an maintain services. Besides, our stable logistic gives customers a more convenient way to have a affordable, safe and fast delivery services. The more important thing is that we have experienced engineers and specialist to providing consulting service relating to how to build and operate a minging farm.



Our vision: Make it easy for everyone to mine cryptocurrency

Our mission: Provide a hassle-free mining experience

Our value: Loyal to quality, Sincere Service


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

Add: 6th Floor, Building C, Dunfa Industrial Park, Xixiang, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Email: sales@szleed.com

Web: asiccrypto-miner.com


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd


1. Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd was found in 2008, specializing in consumer electronic products, such as mobile phone.

2. In 2012, we acquired a factory with 4 production lines and started to produce mobile phones.

3. In 2014, we established e-Commerce department and started to build online store, such as eBay and Amazon.

4. In 2017, we made a crucial decision that entered into the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We started to sell different types of miner, like asic, gpu and etc. to the global customers.

5. In 2018, we built two mining farms to mine crypto in Sichun and Yunnan. In the same year, we established a repair and maintain team which includes 8 engineers. 

6. In 2019, we formed a consultation team in order to provide mining solution to the big clients.

7. In 2020, our sales reached around 190 million U.S. dollars, which set a new record.

8. In 2022, we will build one mining farm that includes hosting, sales, repair and maintain services.


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd provides sales, logistic, repair and maintain, miner hosting and mining consultation services to global customers.


Sales services:

  • We offer free quotation services to all client.
  • We offer our clients with profession purchase advise according to their site, electric fees and etc.
  • All clients can have user's guidance from us.


Logistic services:

  • We integrate a shipping company, which empower us to give our clients a better delivery service. As the high-value characteristics of the mining machine, there would be more requirements to the delivery service, such as safety. Better price, better speed and more controllable are what we want to achieve.


Repair and maintain:

  • For miner under warranty, we can assist customers to return the miner to manufactures. For miner out of the warranty, we provide repair and maintain services, which can help eliminate customers' worries if the miner is no longer under warranty.
  • Cleaning and refurbishing miner is also an additional service we offered. Customers can send their miners to us to clean or refurbish, which can help extend the service life of the machines and bring more profit to the customers.
  • We work closely with the big manufactures in the industry so many components like control board, hash board can be supplied to us.


Hosting services:

In the near future, we will provide hosting service to the US customers as our mining farm will be built in Texas. Also, in our US centre, sales, repair and maintain services will be provided.


Mining Consultation service:

  • Minging solution offered.
  • Helping mining farm to tackle hardware problems, such as choosing power transformer, building mining container, wiring, cooling and etc.
  • Helping mining farm to establish software system to monitor the miners.


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

Our Team

Company composition


1. Engineers and specialists

2. Sales representatives

3. Marketers

4. Logistic specialists

5. Procurement staff

6. Warehouse staff


Shenzhen Leed Electronic Co., Ltd

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